Thursday, April 30, 2009

Whimsical Wedding Cake

I made this wedding cake about five years ago. This is a fondant cake. Because the bride didn't really want to serve cake, but wanted to cut it and eat the top layer with her husband, only the top is a real cake. The bottom two layers are rice krispies.

I made the Rice Krispies treats and put it in the pans I wanted to use...9" and 12". After it was set, I cut the rice krispies to get a lopsided look. Because they're rice krispies, I didn't need dowels like you normally woud. For the top layer, I baked a chocolate cake in a 6" pan, froze it (in plastic wrap), and then cut it like I did the other two.

I frosted each cake in buttercream icing so that it would be smooth for the fondant. Then I rolled the fondant needed (white, pink white) into circles that would cover the top and sides of the cake and smoothed it over the cakes. The diamonds, circles, stripes, flowers, and leaves are all made of fondant as well. The swirls and bubbles are buttercream icing.

I also made the cake circle at the bottom of the cake by taking a circle piece of cardboard, just barely bigger than the cake, and hot gluing some pretty ribbon along the edges. It's important to get the kind of ribbon that is gathered so that it looks natural in a circle. I don't usually do a lot of fondant, so this was a little more work for me to get right.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE this cake! Using rice krispie treats for the bottom two layers is a wonderful idea! I used to make cakes but haven't in quite a few years (OMG it's been about 20)! Your cakes are some great inspiration to start again though! Thanks for sharing.