Friday, October 15, 2010

Haunted Files (Free SVG)

Would you like to make a Halloween decoration using only items you have? i.e. not spend a dime? Me too! And I did!! I liked the idea of having a haunted house on my console table, but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg OR get a little tiny cheap-o birdhouse to paint. So, I went to the drawing board...or cardboard to be more precise. I made a template and enlisted my husband to cut out the house with a box cutter. Could I have done it myself? Absolutely...but it's more fun as a family event. Here's what we came up with.

It's not done yet...I've still got a little more decorating to do, but it's close enough to share! I also started working on a file for a paper one that you can cut on your cricut.

Plus, there's a bunch of cut files for halloweenie stuff that I have on the house. We're using it now as a house that our kids Grandma haunts at night and brings them fun Halloween candies and toys. It's been really fun and helps my kids get excited for Halloween.

Want to make it too? Here's how:

Take the file that is for the Large Haunted House. I made this for paper, but it will be easy to change it to a file that can be used for the cardboard version. Below is what the file looks like. It is to proportion, so just size it as large as you want. I believe mine was 14" high for the total height after it is put together...but of course any size will do.

After it is cut out, just remove the portions that are dotted to show where to cut. You will only need to add some extra on the house on one side to connect the house together. You will trace the large house part twice, lining up the bottoms and sides to become one piece. Keep the excess piece that you see on the left side of the house for one of the traces in order to connect the house together. You can see by the picture below how you are going to connect the house. I used packing tape on the inside to hold it together, then used hot glue on the other side of the box to really hold it in place.

After the house portion was put together, I cut the roof out. In order for the roof to stay well on top of the house, I needed to cut out a portion of the innards of the cardboard as below. The line is down the middle of the roof that is to be bent and makes the highline of the roof. I used the box cutter and cut a little ways out on both sides and then gutted it.

Then, I sprayed the house with the rest of my white spray paint, waited for it to dry, then put another coat of white on. After it dried again, I used black spray paint and lightly sprayed the edges and bottom of the house and sprayed the hole top of the roof. I hot glued the roof on the house, cut out lots of vinyl for decoration, distressed the roof with white ink and stamps and hot glued the overhang on. All done and ready to display!
Here are the files for you to have:

Free SVG
Font used was Evanescence (FREE!)
I will also (hopefully very soon) be posting a cut file for the paper one that is easier to use than the file given so far. (It will all be one section for the house) However, if you want to show me what you make with this file (that allows for a larger house), please share in the comments and I'll post a link to your blog!
Thanks for looking and Happy Haunting!

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BlueCat said...

Thank you very much.

Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

super cute, nice job!

Dawn said...

so spooky and fun! we will give it a try! Thank you

cfine said...

I really like your house! Thanks so much for the files!

b8y2005 said...

I love this house and your files. I went to download them and they are broken. Could you e-mail them to me if thats not to much to ask.
Thank you

Tina M said...

This is totally cool! I'm making my list of stuff for next year and this WILL be on it for sure. Thanks for sharing the files :)

Basteltriene said...

A very beautiful work. Unfortunately, not the last one download!
Greetings Gisela

Basteltriene said...

A very beautiful work. Unfortunately, not the last one download!
Greetings Gisela