Sunday, December 21, 2014

Yet another use for the mini cupcake box - Christmas cake pops!

Hey all! As promised here is another way to gift the mini cupcake box from the previous post. Here, I just used acetate for the top and some fun paper for the bottom,

filled with cake pops, 

wrapped with a bow, and done! 

Well, except for the cake part pop. That took a little more effort. :)

The candy cane cake pop was super easy, and is my favorite to eat...

The hot cocoa cake pop was another fun one. 
(just make the mug handle and marshmallows out of white candy melts)

And are those lumps of coal? I worried about giving these away because 
of what it might suggest to those I gave it to...

The snowman was just a white cake pop with edible marker drawn on.

Pretty fun to make and give away.

In case you didn't get the file last time, here is the version without the opening at the top. I've also included a wrap to go around the box in case you want to use that instead of a ribbon.

Merry Christmas!!!

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