Saturday, June 6, 2009

Freebie Cut File - Week #6

Wow...what a week. So you know how my one year old wasn't feeling so good? Yeah, lam-o mommy didn't realize just how bad it was and didn't find out until Tuesday that he had trenchmouth. So he's been in a lot more pain for a lot longer than he needed to be and he is now on two antibiotics and two pain killers. Needless to say, I haven't gotten much done this week...on anything. I do have a cut file, but I haven't made anything with it yet. Sigh. Sorry, but if I wasn't gonna do something this week, it was crafts. Holding my baby took precedence (and believe me, did he ever want to be held). Hopefully, since he's been doing better lately, I can get my thoughts into action and give a pic about what I was picturing with this cut.

Here's the cut files:

Boot Card and layer - scut

Boot - svg

6 Comments from you:

MikesDork said...

Melinda... this is cute! of course your baby is more important! I am right there with you... my "baby" (5 years old) is sick too.... everything is on hold!

MaryC said...

This is darling. Thanks so much for sharing. Love cowboys!!!!!

Margie said...

This should make a very cute card! Glad your little one is feeling better-don't feel bad about not knowing- once I thought my little girl just had a stomach virus, so I put off going to the dr- When I finally took her , I found out that she had the stomach flu and strep throat- I felt horrible!So- it happens to all of us!

Anonymous said...

Great file. Thanks for sharing.
When we are sick or hurt we always want our mommy. Being a mom come frist in our life.

Marg said...

thanks so much for sharing the file. Perfect for stampede times.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! I hope your son is feeling tip top now.

PJ (Jessie Adams)