Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cake Pop Box svg {for 5-6}

I'm so excited to share this with you all! I have been wanting to make a cake pop box for ages, but just didn't have the time. I thought I could look online and find a great svg that was already done, but I only found boxes that would fit 1 or 2 cake pops. They were super cute, but they just wouldn't cut it for a family gift. SOoOoOo...here it is! Introducing my newest svg box...cake pops for 6! (or just one very hungry individual)

 You will need: 
some fun cake pops
2 pieces 12 x 12 cardstock
vellum or red sticky tape
styrofoam block 
(Michael's has a brick for 2.99 that you can get two out of. P.S. use a coupon!)
tissue paper (optional so foam won't show)

The way you put this together is interesting. You'll need to size the height at 9.4 inches (and keep proportions) so that one of the boxes will fit on one piece of paper perfectly width-wise. I didn't want two separate pieces, but the box needed to be big, so you have to score at the two score lines on the top piece and attach to the bottom piece at the back. The scored edge should just hit the top of the bottom box. It should look like it's hinged (see pic above). The rest should be pretty self explanatory with the other scores in the obvious places and the foam cut to fit (don't worry, it's forgiving!).

Here is the svg on Media fire:


11 Comments from you:

Tracy Martin said...

Once again, you are AMAZING!! I haven't braved cake pops yet, but this will be amazing for chocolate mustaches and other lollipops. Thanks so much

Marilyn in Michigan said...

Too cute! Thanks for sharing.

Soraya said...

Can't even image all the work you have to through to get those cute pop ups (make tutorial please!) and the boxes. Adorable

Jilly Bean said...


bck said...

So cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

Kristy's Garden said...

You are amazing and the most creative gal I know..... and I know a lot of gals! These cake pops top them all. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Roberds said...

I would love to download the cake pop box svg file but I do not want to install ilivid software/tool bar onto my computer to do so. Could you send the file directly?

Melinda Ford said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so bugged! Why is 4shared making people download something else to get my file? Grrr. Lisa, sorry for the delay. I would be happy to send you the file. If you comment and leave your email address, I will send it to you and then delete the comment with your email address. So sorry for the 4shared and my lameness!

Anonymous said...

Hi,is there anyway you can email me this svg file,Thanks!

Lorena Vaca said...

Hi, I love your box !!! But I can not download the file from media fire. Is there any other way I can have the file?

Melinda Ford said...

Hi Lorena,

I'm sorry you had trouble. I tried to as well and the link went bad. I reset the link to the file. Hopefully that fixes it for you. Let me know if it doesn't...you can always comment and leave your email address (I will not post that comment) and I will send it to you that way. Just let me know! Thanks!!!