Thursday, April 30, 2009

Paper Purse...No Glue!!

I got this template for the cricut from Dan at the Crafty Life. He's amazing. I loved this cute little purse...and one of the best parts is that I didn't have to glue anything!! If you want the cut file, you need to go to his site and purchase is cheap!  I also used the square buckle that is in a previous post...Super Saturday Cards if you want that.  This would be a really fun idea for a little gift of candy and/or a gift card inside, or any other little present, especially for a little girl.

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Melinda Ford said...

That turned out great!! I'm so glad you found my file useful :)
-Dan at the Crafty Life

Melinda Ford said...

That's cute.
-Jilly Bean

Melinda Ford said...

Cute stuff. I wish I was as talented and crafty as you. Thnaks for the last comment on my post. It made me feel better that I am not the only mom who has kids that run around half dressed and with messy faces.

Melinda Ford said...

Oh Melinda how much fun are you having! I wish that you lived next door and then you could teach me how to do all this cute stuff. I love doing it I just need some direction, oh and a Cricut (that Steve thinks is way too much money!) I would love one some day!
-Rebecca at Artistic Blooms

*Not* Melinda Ford said...

Why are all the comments from Melinda Ford, but signed by other people???

The purse turned out really cute, by the way. Thanks for sharing!

Melinda Ford said...

LOL. Cuz I used to have it on my family blog and then decided to move it to a new one dedicated to crafting, cooking, etc. I just didn't know how to do it, so I just wrote what they wrote and signed it by them, since that's who originally wrote it. :)