Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Halloween Signs

Ok, just one more. I had this vinyl cut out for forever and was just waiting for my dh to cut me some more of his scrap wood. I love this skull! I got it from scrapnfonts.com...again. It's in a doodlebat font called DB Fright Night that usually costs $3...BUT they're having a huge doodlebat sale right now! Oh man do I love those!! So, right now it's only $1! (And, no, they are not paying me to advertise!) The scroll also came from that doodlebat set and the font is called Fiddums Family (free on the net). I haven't decided if I want to put all three of the Halloween signs I made on a single post one on top of the other, or if I want to put each one on a different stake and stagger them along our walkway. Hmmmmm.

2 Comments from you:

jor-kel said...

I know why you like that skull. It isn't scary... its a crafty skull... which I never knew could exist. The Art Nouveau style is really popular right now.

Stacey said...

Just looking through your blog and came across this sign, it ia awesome