Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cut File Freebie - #11 + My Win!

Hooray! I still can't believe I won this! I got it from the BBTB blog hop, specifically Susan's blog! Thanks Susan!!! And check out the card...hello, gorgeous!!! Are those nestabilities for the birds, does anyone know? I'm in love with this card...I might frame it!

OK, now that I've had my fun, it's time to get down to business. I've always wanted to make a sucker bouquet! I've seen them on the Cricut MB and thought it would be a fun gift for the old timers I know. Well, we finally got invited to a birthday for a good age. :) So here it is!

I thought about using a canister like everyone else does, but I wanted some fun patterns on it and the letters look kind of weird if you do them in the crazy patterned paper. So, after a little searching on the internet, I ran across a picture of a cool flower bouquet in a little box. I liked it so much that I decided to make my own box for the bouquet. It was very easy! This is an .scut file, so it's not resizable, but it should fit anywhere between 30 - 40 lollipops. I had to stuff in the lollipops into two rows on top of each other in the middle to get 40 to fit...but fit they did!

Some have had trouble with the squares not being welded. Here is a picture of what it should look like. Hope this helps!

And here is the file

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Anonymous said...

This is such a cute idea. My hubby turns 40 in November, and this is a great idea for him. He loves candy. Love you blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh. Another good project for my list :0)
Will have to wait for a good bday age, too. But thanks for the box file.
Enjoy your projects.

PJ (Jessie Adams)

Susan said...

Hi Melinda, I am glad that your package arrived... and I am THRILLED that you liked the card. Yes the birds are nesties. There are three birds in the set. Also, the stamps are something I picked up at Scrap Your Trip... I got two sets, one for the blog candy and one for me. I love the little guy and his frog. I thought will your boys this could be fun.

I have never done a sucker bouquet, but what a great idea. I may scrap-lift this idea in the future for my desk at work!!


Michelle said...

omg i loooove this. so clever and cute. my dad turns 50 this year so i will definetly be making this for him. thanks for posting all these great ideas and cutting files. i am a newbie to scal and love your blog. lol btw you and i have like the exact same interests! your profile was like i was reading about myself.

happy2scrap56 said...

Tried to cut this but fell apart. Is this suppose to be welded together? or am I not seeing it. 2 areas are seperated from the rest, is this right?
thanks Jan

Melinda Ford said...

NO, that is not supposed to happen Jan! Do a preview, and if yours is not in one piece, just weld the piece or two that is not attached. I have heard of this sometimes happening, especially if you use SCAL2. Sorry about that! I'll double check to see if my file is to blame...but it worked on mine, so I'm not sure what happened!

frida said...

I love this idea but I use scal 2 and this file wouldn't cut well at all for me. There is the pieces that isn't attached to anything and I can't really see how to union them to create a box... Could you post an image of how it should look maybe?

Melinda Ford said...

OK, I posted an image. I'm not sure why SCAL2 won't accept SCAL1 files well. They really need to work that out! Hope it cuts well for you now!

frida said...

Thank you! =)