Thursday, April 30, 2009

Birthday Cards - Trio

Here's what I did with the Cuttlebug...I had a lot of fun with this and can't wait to use my other embossing folders. Dang, this is too fun. And it was very simple.  I just stamped, cut and embossed.  Then, for the ones that had white paper with print on the front, I sanded the tops to get the white to show through and give more depth to the embossing.  I'm getting really sad about next week. I have to keep telling myself, "only three more semesters." Easier said than over. I'd love to see crafts you've created too. I'm really gonna make the most of the next few days I have off! TFL!

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Melinda Ford said...

Those are so dang cute! When are you finding time to do those things??? I've been looking longingly at my cuttlebug for 2 months and not played with it much. What do your boys do when you play?
-Jilly Bean