Thursday, April 30, 2009

Orchid Centerpiece

I love this!  And don't think I'm bragging, even though I guess I technically am!  My mom picked out these orchids and had the idea for putting all together in one box.  I found the pot at Roberts, and then I called Rebecca at Artistic Blooms and begged her to help me! :)  Luckily she was kind enough to walk me through this process.  That girl is amazing.  I was so scared of putting it in the wrong place and cutting the stems down, but she knew what she was doing.  I get LOTS of comments on this as it's in my living room right smack in the middle.  Everyone loves it!  But not more than me!  Thanks to my mom and Rebecca!  A great centerpiece made pretty cheaply and in just my style.

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Jilly Bean said...

That's cool. I love when I find or make something that is perfectly me. Hooray for you!