Thursday, April 30, 2009

Medicine Cabinet, Revisited

Have any old ugly furniture that you're replacing?  Or do you want something that you can't afford?  That was me.  I really wanted a cabinet that would hold all my spices so that I could have easy access to them while cooking, but I couldn't spend a lot to get what I wanted.  So, I took a couple trips to DI before I found this little number.  Of course, at the time, it was a horrid brown color with nasty decor all over it and disgusting old knobs.  But then, it only cost ten dollars!!!  I took off the excess decor, knobs, and sanded the entire thing down.  Then I painted it in dark green and let it dry.  I did a second coat in the spots I knew would show.  Then I painted the parts I wanted crackled in antique white and put on the crackle medium.  I did this one side at a time to make sure the sides weren't too dry for the crackle.  Then, I put on new knobs, and hung it up!  Hooray, new spice cabinet for me!

2 Comments from you:

vigues said...

That is so clever! I need to do more stuff like that!

kiddle97 said...

Dang, Melinda. Can you come live with me for a while and teach me all your tricks that I'd never think of on my own, or know how to do if I did think of it??