Thursday, April 30, 2009

Football Field and Football Cake

I made this one for a very good friend of mine (Rachel) for her son and husband. We also did a trade. She's an incredible artist and she drew a picture of JJ when he was 1. We've got it hanging up in his bedroom. I love it!
For the actual football, I just used a small circle pan (Ithink a 6", but you can use any size) and cut it into a football after freezing the cake. (After it has cooled, wrap well in plastic wrap and freeze until hardened. This is an important step to ensure it retains its moisture and also so that it's easier to frost. It helps keep the crumbs from sticking to the frosting after you cut it.) I also didn't have anything great to use for the posts, so I just used some straws that I had. That part of it could probably be a lot better.

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Anonymous said...

Now these cakes would be a huge hit at any Super Bowl party!

PJ(Jessie Adams)