Thursday, April 30, 2009

Barnyard Cake with Animal Cupcakes

I made these little guys for my friend Trisha a few years back. We did a little trade and she gave me some amazing cards in return. The animals are just done in buttercream frosting. The cake was a 9x13 that I cut to look like a barn. If you are trying to make this and you want more specifics for how I made the animals (i.e. what tips etc), leave me a comment and I'd be happy to put that in for you!

3 Comments from you:

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how cute those little animals are! My DGD would just love them.
You are soooo talented.

PJ(Jessie Adams)

glittercharmed said...

Hi all the cakes are really pretty and these cupcakes are super cute! I was interested how you made the animals ;)

OvenDelights said...

My daughter is in FFA she would love this cake!