Thursday, April 30, 2009

Delicious Crescent Rolls

I got the most fabulous recipe from my friend Rebecca. The recipe is here. I made this the other week (4 dozen) and froze what we didn't eat (2 dozen). Of course, we did have Jordan and Kelly's help in eating them and I gave 6 away to another family who had helped me out in Primary. But really, 18 rolls for about 5 people (my kids all together count as one)? That's ridiculous. So if you don't want to pig out on rolls, don't make these. I also ate them at random times by microwaving a frozen roll for about 25 seconds. And then did another...and another. I eat too much. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! (Oh, and if you don't want an almost dessert kind of roll, put butter on while it's hot instead of the milk and sugar glaze.)

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