Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas box file plus reindeer card

I finally found some time to put together some goodies for Christmas and wanted to share. I know I said I wasn't planning on getting a new cricut any time soon...but with the Explore, I found that I could not only use all the files I had previously made, but I could also use the score tool or a pen at the same time as cutting. Oh, man...I haven't been so excited about a piece of equipment for a very long time. And when hubby found out that it can cut more precisely at smaller sizes, he actually thought it might be a good investment (for those following my husband's interests, he is making a San Diego lego temple and he wanted me to cut vinyl in very small letters to put on his legos). 

So...long story short, I'm getting an Explore for Christmas!!! And I'm using it before the big day. :) I have quite a few box files that needed a little update with score lines and writing, so as I use them again, I will update them. This time around, I am using the mini cupcake box without the insert. The link for the svg with score lines is below.

I also have another use for these...which I will show you in another day or two. These are exciting times for me! Baking and crafting are passions of mine and I haven't had much time to do either during the last few years. Hope you can use these ideas and enjoy it as much as I have!

Mini cupcake box without insert (with score lines) - .svg

Reindeer card - .svg (Yes, I got the idea for this from the cricut design space website)
Happy Holiday words - .svg

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Marilyn in Michigan said...

Thanks for sharing your files. Love the card and little box.