Friday, July 30, 2010

New Decor Ball Idea!

You're all saying, "that's not new...people have been making these for ages!" Well, you're right. In fact, I got the idea from a cute blog called House of Hepworth. She mentioned using beans and twine, and probably a few other things. After I made a few, I thought it needed a little something different. I used split peas and satin brown (Rusteolum brand). But I still needed something that stood out a bit.

I bought some fabric for a different project (that you will see soon enough), and had some left over. I decided to try to mod podge it on a ball. I actually thought it turned out pretty fun! It adds a lot to the basket.
Now I just have to make a bunch more to fill it up!

I wanted to post a new cut file for a box...but it's not ready yet. I'll keep working on it - stay tuned!

5 Comments from you:

Axa said...

very pretty!

Jilly Bean said...

Hey, very cute! Clever! You babe. I love how it turned out. I saw a blog post somewhere about those bean things but wasn't enamored with them. But if you throw in the pattern of pretty fabric...then I really like them. Nice, Melly! Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl said...

Hello ,
Love the basket and like the ball you did in fabric :)
I Just found your blog thru another blog :)
Love all the SVG's you have done , you are very talented :)


kiddle97 said...

Melinda, won't you just come decorate my house for me? The master bedroom and bathroom need help. Shall I expect you tomorrow then? Say, around 9? That's be swell. Thanks so much. ;)

Tracy Martin said...

I just wanted to let you know I am featuring my use of your amazing cupcake box on my blog on Wednesday.
Any chance you might be able to do a box for 6-8 mini-cupcakes in the same way.
thanks so much