Sunday, June 13, 2010

Artist Birthday with Friends

Here is the final portion of the artist birthday party. We had the kids decorate their own bags as a puppet that looked like them (which I forgot to take pictures of). Then we went outside and taught the kids how to play hopscotch with their new chalk and bean bags.
After that, they decorated, or painted a picture, on some sugar cookies with frosting and candies.
I may have helped him "a little" with this...
Then it was time for cupcakes!
Next, Ryan opened presents. One of the things we had on the invite was this... "Prize to the most creative present under $2.

He got some super creative ones! He got lightsabers made out of pool noodles and pvc pipe with electricians tape (the kids play with those for hours and they don't hurt like the ones you buy for 7-20 dollars in the store).
He also got a crayon roll with a coloring book (perfect for the little guy who loves to color on the go!).
And he also got a large (humongous really) piece of paper with chocolates inside it that he abnd his brothers loved coloring together.
Another one he got (also forgot to take a picture) was a bucket filled with fun summer toys. One of the things in it was some water balloons that the kids had a great time with after the official birthday party ended. (And then begged me to make some more!)

He had such a fun time at his party. Hope this helps someone else looking for ideas!

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Sara said...

These are some clever birthday party ideas. I forwarded your blog to my daughter for my granddaughters. Thank you for sharing. :

jor-kel said...

I want a party like that...