Thursday, November 19, 2009

Don't forget...

I hope you've all remembered this! I'm excited to see what kinds of ideas you come up with. I've got a few on my is a homemade box (of course) for neighbors, friends, teachers, etc. and the other one is for the little goochie goos on your list (that's mom talk for little munchkins). I also have a decorating idea (woo-hoo it's way cheap!) and a few box files that I'm altering to put up on here. I just have one laptop (which I use for all of my cricuting) no longer has a cord that works! I've ordered one, but I don't have it I may have to CRAM these in at the last minute! At least the ones I have for the Idea Exchange.

REMEMBER...the Christmas Idea Exchange is going to start on Saturday, the 28th of November! So, get crafting and creative and let's see what you come up with!!!

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