Monday, July 27, 2009

Blog Awards!

I feel so lucky! C90 and Prob21 both gave me this blog award, and, as I looked at the blogs they chose, I realized just how much we all frequent the same blogs! So, I may double up on the same people they gave awards to, but thought it'd be ok since you're supposed to put down 15 blogs! Needless to say, both of their blogs would be (are) on my list!

12. C90
13. Prob21
15. Frugal Crafter
I feel like such a bum on this one! I got it at least a month or two ago and just plum forgot about it! Getting that last award reminded me of this one. Once again, I feel really lucky to have it! Thanks Margie! You can visit her site here. She does loads of cute scrapbooking layouts. For this one, I'm supposed to pick 5 blogs!

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