Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family Home Evening Jar

This is a jar that I got for Christmas.  It was filled with pieces of paper that gave topics, songs, and scriptures to go with a theme for each week of the year for Family Home Evening (a night where the family gets together and has a gospel lesson and activity).  I loved it!  But I kept getting asked what it was (it was on my console table in my front room), so I busted out my vinyl, some ribbon, and a tag to get the questions to stop!  Nobody has to ask anymore, and it's a cute way to decorate a table!

I had to put some white tissue paper inside because the papers are green and didn't match the look I was going for.  :)  For those of you who do this type of FHE might think of this as an inexpensive gift idea for Christmas or another special day!

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brittany said...

what font is that?

i'm new here so if you could email me that would rawk!