Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blog Award

Well, I have to say I was extremely surprised to get any kind of blogging award!  I only started this blog less than four weeks ago. (It pays to leave comments!!!) But a fellow cricuteer blessed me with this just the other day. Her name is Kasey.  She also makes cut files and offers them for free on her website.

Well, I'm supposed to nominate five other people. I guess I should state what the award is for...

The first one is for people who follow and leave comments on your blog.  The second one doesn't really have requirements, but it's called the "Gift of Love" and I'm going to give them at the same time!

The people I am nominating are as follows:

Jill Robison...cuz she's always so supportive and kind and I LOVE her!!!
Susan at Busy with the Cricky...cuz as talented and amazing as she is, she takes the time to look at and leave comments on my stuff!
The Frugal Crafter...another amazing crafter that I cannot believe even looked at my blog, let alone liked something enough to comment!
Scrappin Margie...I've looked on her blog and noticed that she has quite a few of the same themed cut files I have (and hers are really cute), but she still takes the time to tell me that she likes mine too!
Celeste Lombas...She's so kind to leave nice comments and even took the time to give me a link to see what she did with a cut file (which turned out great!!!).  Thanks Celeste!

Thanks to all of you who support my blog and take the time to comment (although unfortunately this feeds my addiction!).  I love my blogging friends!

(PS - Margie and Celeste...I can't find an email address for you...hope you get this!)

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Anonymous said...

How Sweet of you, Thanks;)