Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Home Evening Board

This post is mostly for Jill. I said I'd show you a picture of the FHE board (even if it was like three weeks ago that I said it). This is the one that I made for myself a few years ago. I have since realized that I could have done it a little differently and made it really fun. And yes, I know it is a little bit crooked. I did it without a ruler, which was not the brightest thing I could have done. But I never claimed to be the most intelligent person around. :) Let me know if you have decided you want one and what you would like for the font. Love you!

This was another easy project that turned out great, and way cheaper than you can buy them for.  Just take a piece of wood, paint it, throw the vinyl on, hammer in some nails, and create name tags any old way you like!  The possibilities are endless.

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Melinda Ford said...

Uh, it's a little bit crooked? I couldn't tell...

It looks totally awesome and sophisticated (because the phrase "totally awesome" is totally sophisticated.)