Saturday, July 21, 2012

Turkey Cake Pops

 Hey all! I actually made these turkey cake pops last year as a thank you to a few people who helped me during my fun post-partum days...I just never posted them! These were some of the easiest cake pops I've made.

Just make cake balls as you normally would and dip in chocolate candy bark or melts. While it's still wet, put the feet (orange flower sprinkles) and the feathers (candy corn) on. If you have time, you can also put on the head (whopper), but I couldn't get a lot of them on in time. No problem though - just dab a little of your melted chocolate on where you want the head to be. I had to hold the head on for a little while to make sure it was set. Then I used some white frosting for the eyes and "glued" on the turkey giblet thingey with more melted chocolate. (No idea what that thing is really called! :) Last I just used the edible markers that I would not buy again and thankfully got a few dots out of it for the inside of the eyes.

Then wrap in little baggies, add a little ribbon, and you're ready to get givin' this Thanksgiving!

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Unknown said...

Super cute little turkeys. Those feet are adorable and very creative. I think the red part is called the waddle.