Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Candy Cane Milk

Now that Christmas is officially over, candy canes are going to go on sale! Here's what we like to do with all those leftovers...
The ratio of candy canes to milk is entirely up to you, but we typically do a 1:1 ratio...that is one candy cane to 1 cup of milk.

My kids love to help me break the candy canes and throw them into the pot. Basically, all you do is warm up the milk (keep it on low so it doesn't scald) and melt the candy canes in the milk. It just tastes like peppermint hot chocolate...but without the chocolate! I know it doesn't sound all that appetizing, but even my husband and I think it's delicious!

My kids think it's fun that it turns pink, too! Have fun with your economical drinks!

2 Comments from you:

Jilly Bean said...

Sounds yummy. Lily and I like this picture of JJ. We miss him. Enjoy your candy cane milk.

Creative Cutter Room said...

Sounds like something my kids would like to try. TFS Cathie