Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Owls

Move over paper! Yarn has been taking center stage in my life with crafting in order to get ready for our sweet little baby and Halloween costumes. I recently made these owl hats from this pattern. I have loved these little hats since I first saw some on etsy and wanted one for my little girl. Of course I didn't want to pay $20-30 for one, especially since I already had the yarn handy.

Have you ever noticed that the patterns and pictures of the hats NEVER show the hat on an actual newborn? I guess not everybody can have a little baby all the time... Thought it would be a nice change to show one on a real baby so you can see the full effect.

This was the first one I made. Not as good, but good enough! I originally used a J Hook that the pattern called for on a newborn and found that the hat almost fit my head! I either have a really loose hand when it comes to crochet or she crochets a very tight weave. For the newborn hat I used a size F Hook. Worked out perfectly and it fits my 1-week old girl's head like a glove.

I've got some more items I've been knitting lately I'll have to put up soon as well. You gotta love when you find some really good (free!) patterns and I'd love to share them with you so you can enjoy yourself some sit-down yarn time.

6 Comments from you:

Jilly Bean said...

Those hats are adorable! The models are even cuter. D really is precious!! I want to hold her and kiss her little cheeks!

Soraya said...

he looks so cute! You're very talented

JustYolie said...

Your babies are adorable!! Your owl beanies turned out fabulous!

Jenny said...

I want to hold and kiss and hug these two DARLING owl babies!!!

Amy said...

How did you adjust the pattern for the little boy?

Melinda Ford said...


The pattern suggests using a J Hook for the newborn. If you are a super tight crocheter this is right. If you are more like me and crochet loosely, the J will work for the little boy hat. I didn't make any adjustments - I just used a larger/smaller crochet hook to get the size I needed. If you don't really know what you are (which was the case with me), you might have to experiment a little to find out if you need to change the hook size up or down. The pattern worked out beautifully with any size hook (I've used a few and made some other hats as well with this basic pattern and then added on different embellishments to get different characters).