Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Computer Armoire - refinished and beautiful!

I think I may have mentioned it a time or two (or five), but my husband is an amazing woodworker. I've wanted a computer armoire for about five years, but we could never afford it and Jaren never liked what I picked out that we might be able to afford. (Usually it was covered particle board, albeit in a nice looking shell) Well finally, I decided I was going to get one. I kept looking on KSL...day after day after day. We found this baby. Of course at the time, it was a medium brown color, had missing pieces of wood, only one shelf on the inside, and multiple stains, scratches, and such things going on.

Jaren refinished and added some beautiful touches to make it just what I wanted, and more!
Do you see how the cupboards actually open and then go inside the armoire? Awe-some! Now the kids don't hang on it and we don't have them sticking out in the open taking up more space that we don't have (the doors, not the kids - those are still taking up space...:). He made a pull-out shelf for the keyboard and added another shelf up top for our printer.
I love how it turned out. He's a genius and a sweetheart for doing all that work for something I wanted.

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Jilly Bean said...

Yes, it's awesome! It turned out beautiful. It's so nice when one comes across something that actually organizes things. Wahoo!