Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Witchy shoes from Mindy (Free SVG)

My sister has been working on a new cut file and agreed to share it with everyone! Take a peek at how it turned out! Isn't she amazing?! I'm trying to get her and another very talented sister to share their stuff on this blog too, so you can benefit from their genius! Leave her a comment and beg her for me, will ya?!

Here's what Mindy says about the file:

The SCUT 2 files are in two layers. This will allow you to cut the first layer and then score the second layer. Just open your layer pallet in SCAL2 and choose to hide the blue layer to cut, then switch out your blade and turn it upside down. Score on 5 or 6 with depth Med-High depending on your paper thickness. To score in the correct spot. Make sure you insert the mat with either the top or bottom flush with the machine. Otherwise the score marks will be a little bit off when you reinsert the mat.

Have fun with your Halloween witchy-ness!

Here's the file -

Free SVG
Witch Shoe - .scut2

Here's some more files she gave me to share for this cut so that those who need svgs will have them...plus an insert for the shoe that adds to the cuteness!

Free SVG
Witch Shoe Insert - .scut2
Witch Shoe - .svg
Witch Shoe Scorelines - .svg
Witch Shoe Insert - .svg
Witch Shoe Insert Scorelines - .svg

8 Comments from you:

Anonymous said...

Great shoes... I love them...Thank you so much for sharing the file

Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

super cute! start a blog & share your crafty genius with us all! :0)

motcm said...

These are great! We'd all love to see more of your talent. Thank you! Rosie

Anonymous said...

Thank You for your file for the shoes. They are so cute. I'm making things for work to sell for Susan G. Kolmen. This will go over so well as I made so many boy things

Thank You

Dawn said...

Thank you so much. This is adorable!

MaryEllen said...

just found your blog and enjoyed browsing love the shoes!! 4 shared is giving me some difficulty but I will try again later. thanks bunches for sharing the file and idea

ScrappingQueen said...

I tried to download the files here cause they are soooo adorable but everytime I click the link it comes up as a blank page... Can you help me?

my email is Brendascraps@gmail.com (just in case it doesnt show up)

Anonymous said...

These are so cute. A friend is getting married and I am going to do these in white and the insert in her wedding color. She is going to be so surprised. Thanks for sharing.

Tracy in GA