Friday, July 2, 2010

Baby Shower Gifts

My newest sister-in-law, Tiffany, came down on Father's Day weekend and we had a baby shower for her. Six out of the seven kids in my family were there and we had a great time. I thought I'd show you all just how stinkin talented my sisters are and how much I pale in comparison (not that I wanted you to know just kinda comes out).

My younger sister Miriam made this super cute diaper cake. I love how it turned out and the colors and ribbons she used!

My sister Mindy (the same one who makes the incredible cakes) made this rag quilt with matching diaper bag. Isn't it so cute!? You really need to see the bag up close to fully appreciate it. Not only were the colors amazing, but it had pockets and closure and everything. Uh-mazing!
And then of course, there's my sister Michelle. She's always been a great seamstress, but I think she outdid herself this time. I mean, seriously? Monkeys, trees, dots, etc. I love this! I'm stealing it, you hear me?
She also made this really cute naughty stool. Is that an oxy moron? At any rate, I loved this too. She made the little stick figures. I think she drew them by hand and then put them into the computer to cut them out with her cricut.
And then there's me. My other sister and I went in on a couple of baskets. This is one of them...a bath basket. Totally useful, but not very creative. :( Though I did spray paint the two baskets white so they matched. Kudos, Melinda.

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JustYolie said...

Wow super talented family! :)

Jilly Bean said...

What fun, adorable, helpful stuff. You gals really are babes.