Monday, February 8, 2010

Design Challenge Box - Finally!

Well, here are the boxes I made for the "What kind of box is this?" challenge. I specifically designed it to hold homemade donuts! They fit perfectly in a box that is as big as a 12 x 12 will make it. I made the donuts first, so I didn't have enough time to make the box up as cute as I wanted to. (The donuts took a while!) You can find the recipe on They were incredibly good when they were warm, and still very good the next day.

I also wanted to do some more with this box for Valentine's Day. I thought it would be fun to do my Valentine's this year for my kids in my own boxes (especially since they don't really like the box of chocolates that come in a heart). Last year, I didn't have time to make cards for my family, so I just had candies for them instead. After my oldest gave me a Valentine card he had made for me, he asked me where his card was. I felt AWFUL! I won't make that mistake again. So, here are the boxes and cards I made up. Eventually I'll make it to the store to get the candy I want to put inside.

The sweet little animals I used are from in a doodlebat font called DB Animal Occasion. The font is called 2 Peas Airplanes.

Want some more ideas? Go visit these talented ladies' blogs and see what they did with the box!!
Thanks for participating!!
If you make any of the boxes on my site that you want to share with others, please email me and I'll put a link on the post. We'd all LOVE to see what you did!

14 Comments from you:

Susan said...

Oh you smart woman you! Homemade doughnuts. WOW - over achiever!! :-)

Your valentine boxes for your boys are ADORABLE. I think the fish is my favorite. Cute, cute, CUTE!!!

xx Susan

Dawn said...

Ok I have to tell you the first thing my husband said when he saw my box was - where's the donuts? LOL I had not even associated it with donuts. I love the cute matching valentine cards and treat boxes you made! Thank you for sharing the file with us.

MikesDork said...

very cute boxes! I love the Valentines!

Anonymous said...

Such cute Valentines for your kidos. They will be very lucky. I loved the box also. The doughnuts look yummy. The kids come first. Take care of them first. Everyone else understands. Hope all are on the mend.

Kim @ said...

shut up! These are fantastic! SO gonna try!


Aaron said...

Those valentines are adorable!

Jason said...

Im not even into craft making boxes but i have to say these caught my attention. They look great. I love the dino one. Very cute. Very well done.

Kim @ said...

Thanks for the blog love! Let me know your shower theme and I'll try and put an inspiration board together for ya!


Busy B said...

Thank you for sharing your box cut file! It was one of the most fun cricut projects I've done. Please see what I did with it at my blog Thanks!


Stacey said...

oh it all look yummy and cute all at the same time x x x

TheScrapDiva said...

These are great. But is there a way to convert the svg file into something that I can make a templete with. I don't have any of the software to do this svg file with. thank you

Kim @ said...

Thanks for the blog love! I have been messing around with the format while I was snowed in last week! Trying to stumble my way thru things! I'll see what I can find for ya for the party! Drop me a note of where I can email ya when it's done!

Kim @

MikesDork said...

Melinda... do you have the donut recipe? I tried one tonight... I would like to try yours too!

Susan said...

Ms. Melinda!!!!
I have a blog award for you on my blog!!!! 'Cause you are awesome!!!

xx Susan