Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cookie Tower Carrier

Denise Hill made these darling small cookie towers...and designed an awesome carrier to hold four! I SO love it! She graciously allowed me to put it on here. She also gave me the file for the carriers and she is willing to share with everyone. (Hooray!)

Here's a link to her website where you can get her file and view her other super cute projects:

4 Comments from you:

Joe and Tracy in Ecuador said...

I absolutely love these, but any chance you could make the cookie tower into a 6x12 format for those of us with only the small machine? I live in South America and it will be a while before I return to the states to get the bigger machine. thanks,

♥MizSusan♥ said...

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for your kindness in sharing your cut files. Susan

Lori said...

Hi.. I love these cookie towers!! Great idea for Christmas gifts. I'm having trouble cutting this file. I have SCAL 2.004 and Windows XP. When I ope the scut file, there's a lot of little overlapping boxes on the bottom. I haven't done a lot with SCAL, but I'm not sure it looks right. I did change my mat to 12 x 24 and it cut only the outline of the box.. not the decorative window. Can you please help?:)

Melinda Ford said...

The scut file is should have a bunch of overlapping boxes! As for the decorative window, it's from a font called DB Geo-Deco Solid from If you don't want to pay the 3$ to buy that font, you can simply insert your own shape in the center. Hope this helps!