Friday, July 31, 2009

Cuttlebug Christmas Card

I love the monochromatic look. I made this by just cutting out little squares of leftover white paper and running them through the cuttlebug with different embossing folders. Then I used my silver cats eye ink to lightly ink over the top of the embossed part. The beads all along the outside I've actually used in wedding cakes and found as I was going through my stash. The blue ribbon was also left over. I've really been trying to just go through my stuff and make do with what I have...since I have too much!!

I also loved this label I found on the internet. I couldn't find it again though when I went lookin for it. I thought it was Paulo's (prob21), so I looked first at his site and couldn't find it. Then I went to craftedge and started sorting through those posts. Again, couldn't find it! If you have any idea where it came from, would you let me know so I can put it in here? It was called label 3, and (obviously) came with label 1 and label 2. Thanks all!!

4 Comments from you:

Anonymous said...

This card is just gorgeous! Very classic and beautiful. You chose just the perfect font to go with it, too. Whoever you send it to will have to keep it forever!

shirley said...

Beautiful card! And great way to use up the little papers I can't bare to toss! Thank you for sharing.

Tina M said...

Beautiful card! what a great idea :)

Sherri Benson said...

Your card inspired me to make my Mother's 81st Birthday card. It will post on on 9/19/09. I gave you credit and put a link back to your page.

Thanks for the inspiration.