Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Slice of Cake Card

I love this cut!!!  I got it from Paper Scissors Ink (link on right side of my page).  She has this svg or george cut file for free!  Go visit her site and get a great new download if you haven't already...I have a feeling I'll use this a lot.  I especially love it with an elegant look.  I'm going to be putting this in as part of a gift package with my new cut file I've been working on.  I'll have it available this Saturday.  Keep in touch!!!  I'm really excited for this next one!

3 Comments from you:

Jilly Bean said...

Mmmm! Lily and I want to eat this card!

cal8007 said...

OoooH, I can hardly wait for this file. It is better than eating chocolate - well maybe not - but less calories!!


Laura said...

I know this is an old project to you, but I am just now finding it, while searching for a birthday card idea for my stepdaughter. This is perfect. Thanks for the idea. I'll also head over to P-S-I and thank her. What a great cut file!