Monday, May 11, 2009

File Folder Box

This is a really cute cut file I got from My Sherry Amour's website! It's so cute...even without a lot of embellishments! And I can think of many uses for it too! I recently gave one to my mom with my favorite recipes and the spices she needed to prepare them (she's been on a mission so she came back to no food of any kind and not having cooked for a year and a half!). Made a really cute little gift! Sherry has a few other cut files that she's allowing everyone to download as well...head on over!

5 Comments from you:

Jilly Bean said...

Cuteness. So do you use these files to cut things out on your cricut? Cool.

I'm glad your mother's day was awesome!!

Susan said...

Hi Melinda,

OH MY GOSH!! I have been sitting here scrolling through your blog and WOW-o-WOW. You have been so busy... and busy creating such tototally CUTE,cute projects. SUPER JOB, girlie-girl!!! I love everything... including you dotted flower blog design!!!!

xx Susan

Sherry said...

Hello Melinda,

I love the way your recipe file turned out. Love the idea of giving recipes to friends and family with the spices included. Cute!

Anonymous said...

really like this idea. thank you for sharing!

Johna said...

this is just an awesome file box!
I am sure your mom LOVED it! That is a great idea: I am thinking of doing one with some of my digital scrapped recipe cards in it along with a gift card to the local grocery for this year's Yankee Swap!
thank you for the ideas and the files!