Thursday, April 30, 2009

Whale Appliqued Blanket

This blanket I made using my cricut, but it was my first applique. I can't believe how well the cricut cut out the fabric (which I mounted under wunder to). This is actually the paisley from the accent essentials cart, but I used the shadow for a whale! I'd like to try some more sometime. I need to get better at applique! Someone asked for more information on here it is. I had the cricut settings as follows: Pressure - Max, Speed - High, Needle - 5 I mounted the wunder under before I cut. I've done quilting cotton and flannel so far. P.S. it won't cut felt! Good luck and have fun with fabric!

3 Comments from you:

Melinda Ford said...

OKAY! HOORAY!! Finally someone who has tried cutting fabric with the cricut! Every retailer has told me no way and that is the exact thing I what it for applique!! More info plz! -From Dreamz

Becky, Eric, Ty, and Rachel said...

Just wondering how you doing the sewing on of the applique after you cut it with the cricut. I love your files, I was just browsing and haven't tried any yet, but they are all so cute!

Melinda Ford said...


You just take off the backing to the wunder under after you cut it out. Then, you iron it onto your fabric where you want it. After it's adhered, you sew all around the outside edge using the sewing technique of your choice!