Thursday, April 30, 2009

Valentine's Day Love in Cute Packages

Here's my Valentine goodies I sent to my mom, dad, and sister in the Philippines. Just an altered chocolate bar and some Hershey Kiss Roses. I had fun doing it!

All I did for the altered candy bars was put a band of cute paper around it, some ribbone, a cut out heart from my wonderful cricut, and a stamped tag with a flower and little rhinestone. I also just used my white pen to make little dots for accents.

For the Hershey Kiss roses, I used double sided tape to stick two kisses together. Then I took two squares of pink or red or white tissue paper (I doubled it up so that you couldn't see through and also so that the kisses wouldn't poke through the top) and wrapped it around the kisses. I wrapped a (man, what do you call those!) wire, furry stick around the kisses and then used floral tape to cover it and get them to stick together.

4 Comments from you:

Melinda Ford said...

Oh yeah yours are so much cuter and complex!! I was trying to go for quick! but of course I have nothing compared to your paper skills! Thanks for sharing yours too.
-Rebecca at Artistic Blooms

Melinda Ford said...

These are so cute! I'll have to remember them next year!
-Nathan and Annie Miller

Melinda Ford said...

Those are so cute. Your post didn't show up on my blog list so I just found it.

I can't wait to see what JJ made you!

When do your parents get back? Is Melanie "picking them up"?
-Jilly Bean

Melinda Ford said...

Those look awesome!

And ... I admit I'm out of it, but what is your family (which sister?) doing in the Phillipines?