Thursday, April 30, 2009

Super Saturday Cards

Here are the cards I've been working on for Super Saturday. The cupcake idea came from Regina Easter with the scrapnfonts doodlebats 'Love Pastries'. Regina is amazing! Thanks for the great ideas!

Here are the files I used for the Cricut free for download.  You do, however, need to purchase the DB Pastries font from Scrapnfonts to make the cupcake card ($3, unless there is a sale).

5 Comments from you:

Melinda Ford said...

This is Jadi. I just saw your comment on my recipe blog. It is actually really easy to add labels to your blog. All you have to do is go to your layout section on your dashboard. Click on Add a Gadget. Then click on labels. I think it will give you the option to add a title if you want to. Then when you create a new post all you have to do is write a label for it and it will automatically post on the side of your blog. There is a spot to type in the label right under where you write your new post and download your photos. You can also click on edit posts and add labels to all of the posts you have already published.
I hope this helps!

By the way I love your ideas! You are very talented.

Melinda Ford said...

Aahh! I love the cupcake card! (My birthday is coming up...) I don't know where you find time to make these fantastic cards! But I'm glad you do because it's such an outlet! Miss you.
-The Robisons

Melinda Ford said...

Hey Melinda,
OH MY GOSH, Thank you SO much. I am TOTALLY embarrassed! I about DIED when you sent that comment to me. I have already printed out over 40 of those dumb things for a getaway thing!!!!!!! LUCKILY I can just make the ladies add the "e". without having to RE print it all. (still I feel SUPER dumb) But, at least I KNOW now! AH. LOL. I can't believe I didn't catch that!! SO frustrating. I swear that I double and TRIPLE check usually. I must have just looked right over it. Thanks again!
-Shelley (wonderfully wordy)

celestemlombas said...

Thank you so much for sharing YOu hae some great files

isatsau said...

Thank you for sharing the adorable cupcake card files and the buckle/frame accents. Those will make perfect additions to my scrapbooking. I appreciate your hard work and your generosity in sharing.