Thursday, April 30, 2009

Star Wars Invitation

If you're looking for something way simple to do for a Star Wars invitation, this is it!  It took me very little time (which, I'll admit, I opt for quite a bit).  The font I used was Star Wars Kit.  I also used a font called Forced Reentry for the inside of the card because they had great pictures of some Star Wars characters.  They are both free fonts that you can find on DaFont? I believe.  For the inside, I said this with the pictures.
Invited you are (YODA) to J.J. 5th birthday party.
Speed on over (biker scout on speeder bike) to (our address and time)
And come Luke at our fun! (LUKE)
Don't have a Fett (BOBAFETT)
You won't be Solo! (HAN SOLO)

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