Thursday, April 30, 2009

Star Wars Birthday Cupcakes

Here's the cupcakes I made for JJ's 5th birthday party.  J.J. liked Chewy the best.  All you have to do for him is use the grass tip (you know with all the little holes in it) and do that all over the cupcake.  Then you pipe the eyes, nose, and mouth with a small round tip.  Basically these cupcakes are mostly done just with the round tip and decorated as artistically as you can (by that I mean that you do your best "drawing" the faces, stars, vader, etc).

For the large swirly cupcakes, I just used my largest star tips and went around in a circle with the frosting that I pushed out.  I also made a second circle on top of the first circle, just in the middle to give it some height.  Then, I immediately put on the sprinkles so they would stick to the frosting before the outside hardened.

3 Comments from you:

Melinda Ford said...

Those are so cool! Melinda, you're so good at making cakes! I can't believe the Darth Vader. It looks so accurate.

I wish we had been there.

Happy birthday, JJ!
-Jilly Bean

Melinda Ford said...

Melinda .... you are so amazing and so is your husband! JJ's birthday cake and cupscakes are just so perfect. What a fun birthday. Your invitations are so well .... Star Warsy!! Your boys are very lucky little guys, although one of those little guys is really growing up.... peanut butter sandwhich and all, just wait for the independence that comes when he gets his drivers licence (and no sleep for you until he is safely home) Love ya
-Kristy's Garden

Melinda Ford said...

Oh my gosh. Those are awesome. I SO don't want you to see the boring "birthday brownies" I make for my Boys' birthdays every year... Oh the shame! ;-) But that's ok. It's talent like yours that makes life interesting, and makes me look forward to your updates all the time!