Thursday, April 30, 2009

Introduction to my new blog site

Well, here I am, creating another blog.  I wanted to have something that I could put my crafts, cakes, and other project on that would, hopefully, help other moms in finding fun things to do for holidays, birthdays, and everyday occasions.  I have so much fun with creating and I feel that it helps me to relax and cope with the stress I have.  It also gives me joy to create something nice to look at.  Hopefully, this site will be helpful to those who are looking for some easy, and a few not so easy, ideas for crafts.  Please feel free to leave me comments on what you would like to see on this blog and if you have any great ideas or projects you want to share.  I'm also including wonderful sites in different crafting areas that I've found while trying to come up with more ideas for my simple life.  Check out the websites on the right.  Hope you enjoy!!!

P.S.  I'm moving some of the posts from my family blog to this I'll add the comments I got from those to here as well.  Of course, it'll just look like I'm commenting on my own site!

4 Comments from you:

Anonymous said...

Have been looking through your posts and pictures. You are one talented lady. Thank you for sharing some of your talent
Pam x

Danelle said...

How do I download your files!! It keeps wanting me to download another .exe file. I love your boxes! They are fabulous!

Danelle said...

How do I download your files? It keeps wanting me to download a .exe file. I am loving your boxes!

Melinda Ford said...

Hi Danielle. Sorry for the super late reply. It looks like 4 shared is now a ridiculous and horrible site for file sharing. I am now in process of transferring all of my files to MediaShare. Here is the link to the boxes on MediaShare. The file list may not be complete yet, but I'm working on it!