Thursday, April 30, 2009

Christmas Vinyl

Have I mentioned I love my cricut? Cuz I do! I know that, once again, these are not very good pictures, but I had to show some of the things I've been doing for fun around here. I love vinyl. It's so fun. I'm using it on christmas cans too for giveaways to friends and neighbors this Christmas. I'll put treats in it and then take a pic and show it. So fun. Can't wait till school is over and this is all I have to do in my spare time!

4 Comments from you:

Melinda Ford said...

love those!! I still have my birthday sign on my mirror. :) It's so cool. I don't know when I'll ever take it off. I miss you!
-Jilly Bean

Melinda Ford said...

So how do those work? Do you have to put each individual letter on and take each individual letter off, or are they somehow, invisibly connected? They look awesome. I'm especially intrigued by the pictures in the "Families are Forever" one.

Shannon said...

Melinda, I stumbled on your blog yesterday and all I can say is WOW. You have given me so many wonderful ideas, thank you. I am wondering about the picture here. Did you make the families are forever? I have been trying to cut something similar on my cricut and haven't had much luck. If you made it, can you tell me what font/cart you used?

Melinda Ford said...

I did not make that picture. It was given to me. However, if you're still hoping to try it out, you may want to try Franklin Gothic Heavy. It seems to be a good font to use when you do shadow/blackout at setting four. Hope this helps!